Jill Hinton Wolfe

They’re even more successful than most realize — and face more unique challenges

Recently a Navy veteran called my office looking for help. She wasn’t suicidal or homeless or struggling to get a job. As the key point of contact for veteran and military-connected students at a large midwestern university, it’s my job to help student veterans enroll, engage and graduate successfully.


Adding “The Creative’s Prayer” will transform your meditation practice

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I’ve experimented with a variety of meditation/prayer techniques and tools over the years, and almost by accident discovered the most effective meditation to prepare for writing. It involves a combination of visualization, bodywork and mantras. …

6 Relaxation Tips For Before, During & After Your Exam

When I was ten years old at the orthodontist office, a freak accident with a dental suction straw led my mouth to fill with blood when the hygienist had stepped away for a few moments. It was absolutely terrifying, and, looking back, even though it was probably only a small…

Jill Hinton Wolfe

I’m a writer & US Army vet who focuses on a variety of topics, including women’s empowerment, veteran leadership, the outdoors & meditation.

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